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Call of Duty: Ghosts ( PS4 ) & Tomb Raider ( PS4 )

12.00 KD - March 4, 2014

Selling used come of those to games, though the Blu-Rays themselves are in excellent condition. Selling Price: 12 ( Ghosts ) & 11 ( Tomb Raider ) If interested, WhatsApp on 66884898.

knack for ps4

10.00 KD - March 2, 2014

hi guys I'm selling knack for ps4 good condign because i finsh the game thats. her is my number 9913011 call me or whats up me.. the soon the better


10.00 KD - March 2, 2014

hi guys I'm selling knack for 10 KD the video game for ps4 its EU why I'm selling it because i finsh the game here is my number call me or whats up me

ps3 super slim

40.00 KD - February 27, 2014

want to sell my super slim ps3 12 gb with two controllers i just bought it today but i dint know that it is super slim i want the slim one if u r interested contact me on 55922275

Thief (PS4)

Thief (PS4)

13.00 KD - February 25, 2014

Hey guys, i have thief for sell on PS4 the game is in mint condition. even the DLC code inside not used :) The game is EU and diffrence between it and new is only the seal i'd like 13kd for it since i bought it few days ago for 20kd here is my number if you are interested. 99529081


85.00 KD - February 24, 2014

PS3 slim 160 GB with 2 controller and PS3 move bundle. Also included are 6 games, Uncharted, FIFA 13 & 14, Black ops 1 & 2 and PGA 2013. Price negotiable

Selling GTA 5 With unused code.

Check with seller - February 23, 2014

Selling GTA 5 With unused code. Played only ones. reason for selling : Sold my ps3 contact : 69081923

Sega Dreamcast Hacked with over 30 Games

Sega Dreamcast Hacked with over 30 Games

50.00 KD - February 21, 2014

Hiiiii I am selling a Sega Dreamcast Mint Condition Region European 1 Controller plus including accessories Hacked and I am giving away all my collection of Games (Over 30 Games!!!!) "Top Games made for Dreamcast" All Games are Working and Tested Here is the list of the included Games Capcom Vs SNK ...

PS3 for Sale

50.00 KD - February 18, 2014

PS3 slim 160 GB for sale with 1 controller and God of War Ascension. Price : Negotiable

GTA V for PS3

GTA V for PS3

10.00 KD - February 16, 2014

Online code unused. I don't have a vehicle of my own so i can only do meetups near i'm at which is on Starbucks, beside Al-Kout Mall at Fahaheel. Interested buyers can contact me at 6598-3953 via viber or whatsapp

LOL Account Level 30

LOL Account Level 30

40.00 KD - February 9, 2014

LoL account lvl 30, OCE Server, Unranked on all seasons, Owns 90 out of 117 champions, 8 rune pages, 1172 Wins Not Owned Champions: Caitlin, Draven, Ezrael, Fiora, Galio, Graves, Irelia, Jarvan, Jayce, Kogmaw, Leona, Lissandra, Lucian, Malzahar, Maokai, Nami, Quinn, Renekton, Riven, Rumble, Sejuani,...

Nitendo DS (Hacked with Over 100 Games)

Nitendo DS (Hacked with Over 100 Games)

20.00 KD - February 8, 2014

Hiiiiiiiiiii there I am Selling a Nitendo DS (Mint Condition) Comes with a stylus 16GB Momory Card Hacked with over 100 top games ever made for the DS including all versions of Pokemon Heartgold, soul silver, Black, Black 2 All Mario games are included If you have any specific games that you also wa...

ps3 dvd games for sale

25.00 KD - February 6, 2014

Tomb Raider Infamous 2 Splinter Cell Trilogy Metal Gear Solid 4 Resident Evil 6 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Metal Gear Solid Rising Fifa 12 all game for 25KD/-

PS3 with Games

50.00 KD - February 5, 2014

PS3 160GB with 1 Controller Twisted Metal Uncharted 2 Midnight Club Fifa 12 Fifa Soccer 10 Smack Down Vs Raw Street Fighter X Tekken KD 50 for the PS3 bundle (games cannot be sold separately)